Make work life balance a reality

What it means to be a Living Areas Partner

Join our community by becoming a partner of Living Areas and be surrounded by industry professionals that know just how you feel.

Living Areas is a new approach to business support for small business. We say goodbye to late night invoicing, the constant juggle of managing the onsite work and the administration on the run.

We won't tell you to "work on your business not in your business".

We do it for you.

How does it work

Once you are accepted as a Living Areas partner you will have the full support of our team and technology processes.

We will provide you with your personalised app, manage your schedule and appointment notifications. 

Through our onboarding consultation we will develop your onsite checklists, invoicing processes and operations audit to ensure you are running as efficiently as possible. We will connect our invoicing platform to your accounting system so that you can approve and charge at the push of a button.

Living Areas hold partnerships with notable construction companies, real estate agents and suppliers and will provide you with quality referrals, advice and training so you always have the support you need to grow your business. 

Every month you will receive an easy to read financial statistics report, upcoming industry training days as well as access to personalised expert advice.

Qualified & Highly Experienced in:

Business Management & Marketing
Business Administration
Human Resources
Landscape Construction and Maintenance

All available to you through an online booking system and resources. 

Why learn a new software to run your business, when your business needs you working in it... not on it?

Book your online call today to find if a Living Areas partnership is your ticket to success