Great burgers, epic sundaes and a décor that will have you posting on Instagram the moment you walk in. When Chef Ben Varela opened Sunset diner in Avalon, it created a stir in the usually quiet community. With its pink walls, neon lights and fantastic flamingos the Sunset Diner ushers you in from the street.

How can you make such an awesome place even more inviting? Plants, of course! Green features were lucky enough to be involved in such a cool project. We wanted the plants to break up some of the pink while not taking over the look and feel of the décor.


Strelitzia Nicoli The Balcony Garden white cluster


The plants needed to be resilient enough to stay inside but still, be lush and green. We need a minimal and stylish white pot to contrast against the pink, Balcony Garden pots were a perfect choice. For the plants, the smooth large leaves of the Strelitzia Nicoli was ideal for the statement plant. The lushness of the bamboo palm sits tall against the cashier area, and various other small to medium plants such as the money tree provide scale and dimension. 


Green on Pink


Scattered through space are Cast iron plant and devil’s ivy, giving that added touch of life to bench space and shelving. The plants guide you out to the ultra-cool garden area where you can sip on a cocktail or milkshake (whatever takes your fancy) greeted by the two enormous Mulga flamingos and a tropical oasis, planted and designed by our sister company Living Areas.

So if you’re in the area, make sure you stop in, you will always be welcomed with a friendly smile, delicious food and plants that take the days stress away.





Tropical garden beds

Sunset Diner



Sunset diner…. A fun and inviting space for young and old and the inspiration for our new pot/plant collection so stay tuned!



Outdoor Gardens done by

Living Areas -





December 04, 2020 — Georgina Mcbride